Age: 35
Sex: Female
Location: South Florida, USA
Pet: Miss Kitty (owned for 12 years, age unknown)


Musical Instruments




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I grew up in a low-income family in the southern US. I loved everything unusual from the earliest age I can remember, and had too vivid and active an imagination that frequently got me into trouble. I got teased all through school for being a weirdo but always had a few good friends.

I learned html and started experimenting with websites in fourth grade. I always loved computers - they were like a portal to another magical world, full of new people. I played any video games I could get my hands on. Even though technology held a spell over me, I still loved playing outside, climbing trees, and exploring the nature around my hometown.

I started developing depression and anxiety, I think, towards the end of elementary school. That's the first time I remember laying in bed, hugging a pillow, and just feeling god-awful inside. I was social and outgoing despite this, going to local punk and metal music shows as soon as I was old enough, playing a couple of sports poorly, and finding fellow geeks and nerds to bond with.

In high school, I got in a bad relationship. It exacerbated my already increasing tendency to close myself off from the world and stay inside to play with my computer. I played my first mmorpg. I started fucking up in school for the first time toward the end and did not go to college. Thus began my life of wageslavery.

Despite having a job I hate, I at least had no other demands placed on me outside of my time punching a clock. I got to find myself. And I did. It was a hard road but one that was so worth traveling, I don't know if I would want to go back and change the hard times.

Nowadays, I live simply. I've reached a point of healthy ambivalence about my job. I only have one friend, but it's better than none, and he is a truly good human being who means the world to me. None of my romantic relationships worked out but I no longer care, I've learned platonic love is so much more valuable.

My goals in life are to keep learning, be kind, and be in the moment. I want to see the world become a better place. The best way to help do that is to be good to the people around me and understand the world the best that I can.