New layout! I kind of messed up on the scaling (the monitor I use on my little workstation is old and has a funky resolution), so zooming/scrolling may be necessary.

09/23/22 @ 5:34pm

Secret of Mana shrine has been added and the remodel of my domain Tachyon Storm is complete! Writing subsites in the works for it.

09/14/22 @ 6:34pm

Little Mermaid Shrine is up with some promo and concept art. Looks like I can't use mp3s on neocities without upgrading, so I uploaded it to my personal domain. Still working on the reboot on that site.

Links page updated to include all my lovely mutuals here on neocities. Also made a 88x31 button:

09/11/22 @ 5:31pm

Diddy Kong Racing Shrine added and my Utena Shrine has some updates. The former will have to wait until I beat the game to finish the content. Keeping steady updating my diary, too.

The rest of the sections on my main site - writing, links, other shrines - are all in the works as well. I'm finally creating my own exmem in full.

My domain - tachyonstorm is long overdue for an update and a rehaul. It's all planned and the new layout is already started. It's going to serve as a base for my political/ historical/ conspiracy theory ideas.

09/09/22 @ 11:23pm

Utena Shrine added! It's just the bare bones layout, content is currently in the works. This series has been my all-time favorite anime unwaveringly since I was a child, and it's only gotten better as I have aged.

09/04/22 @ 6:31pm

Added navigation for shrines of some of my favorite series and games. They're all currently under construction but coming soon!

09/03/22 @ 11:46am

Still tweaking and forming my website. Really enjoying the process.

I've decided to go ahead and add little shrines to my favorite series here, since that seems to fit the vibe of the community. It's been 21 years since I've made an anime fan site, which is older than many of the users (holy shit, that means my dragonballz page would be old enough to rent a car if it was still up.)

09/03/22 @ 8:51am

New Layout! Super duper happy with how it turned out. Even found a perfect matching little critter from Secret of Mana that I made into a simple gif for my headers <3

09/02/22 @ 10:25am

Updated this thing for the first time in, like, 2 years. Still needs some work.

08/09/22 @ 10:59pm